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Dr. Pradeep Albert (Stem Cell Therapy)

Welcome to the Stem Cell Medical Center! Our advanced stem cell therapy is at the forefront of medical innovation, providing effective treatment with real results. Experience cutting-edge stem cell treatments for improved health and wellness in a tropical paradise at Stem Cell Medical Center

Choosing A Stem Cell Therapy Provider

How to Choose A Stem Cell Provider?

Uncover the best practice standards that you should consider when choosing a top-tier stem cell therapy provider.

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Our Treatments


Whether you want to look younger, feel better, or increase longevity, we're committed to helping you enhance your well-being and overall health to achieve these goals. A wide range of medical conditions can be effectively treated with advanced stem cell therapies, including musculoskeletal pain from injuries or arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and metabolic diseases like diabetes. Even children diagnosed with autism and stroke victims can experience improvement through stem cell therapy. Read more about our treatments here.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE (Stem Cell Therapy)
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Top Treatments

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At the Stem Cell Medical Center, we do not settle for anything but the absolute best - facilities, doctors, stem cell quality, protocols, and most importantly, our patients’ outcomes

The Science


Our therapy protocols, using flow cytometry-validated mesenchymal stem cells, were developed by a body of world-renowned regenerative medicine physicians and Ph.D. credentialed scientists. The doctors and scientists who make up our advisory board have over 60 years of combined stem cell research experience and have contributed their expertise to thousands of published research papers and scientific journal articles. The experience and scientific know-how of our team, coupled with the state-of-the-art biotechnology equipment at our medical center, make us one of the top destinations in the world for stem cell therapy and research.

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Our Medical Center


Our Antigua-based International Stem Cell Medical Center, run by US-trained and certified doctors, is a state-of-the-art research center equipped with a certified clean room and the latest in flow cytometry technology for cellular analysis. The clinic provides SCIENCE-based stem cell therapies for various medical conditions that negatively impact the quality of life. Our scientific researchers, doctors, nurses, and patient success teams are individually and collectively committed to delivering the highest standard of medical care for our patients.

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A First Class Experience


Why Antigua for stem cell therapy? The advanced research-based treatments offered by our medical center, under the supervision and direction of doctors certified and trained in the US, have been vetted and approved by the government in Antigua and are not yet available in the U.S. or other countries. In addition, Antigua boasts some of the Caribbean's most stunning scenery. With its breathtaking pink and white sandy beaches that are beautiful 365 days a year, crystal-clear waters, and delightful climate, the island is a perfect destination for a relaxing 5-star getaway.

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5 Star Rated

Rohleder (Stem Cell Therapy)

S. Rohleder

The outcome of my stem cell treatment so greatly exceeded my hopes that I wanted to share my experience with you. I'm an extremely active 59-year-old, but I've been suffering from chronic pain in my right knee for the last year, which was previously surgically repaired for an ACL tear. I also had lower back pain and left hip pain in a hip, which previously had a partial hip replacement. My pain severely impacted my daily life, including the ability to exercise and play golf, a game that I love and play at a fairly high level. It also impacted my mood.

My actual treatment occurred over two days. On the first day, I received an injection of stem cells into my hip and an IV infusion of stem cells. On the second day, it was just an IV infusion. The procedure was relatively painless, and I have to tell you that within three days, I had zero pain in my knee, hip, or back. It truly was amazing, and I mean no pain at all.

I am now exercising without restrictions and hitting the golf ball farther, and straighter as my body no longer compensates for my pain. My patient experience was seamless. The professional staff, the state-of-the-art treatment center, and the top-notch doctors provided me additional confidence in my treatment decision. The beauty of the island of Antigua and the wonderful resort was icing on top. Again, I'm over two months since my procedure and feel absolutely amazing.

Ajayai (Stem Cell Therapy)

D. Ajayai

I've had really good success. I now have a tremendous amount of mobility in my knee. There's little to no pain or swelling. So I know something's gone right. I'm now back to playing basketball three times a week, breaking a full sweat, running, jumping, and having fun. I'm really pleased. For the joint issues I had in my knees, 10 out of 10, I would recommend Stem Cell Medical Center.

Berlin (Stem Cell Therapy)

M. Berlin

I am one-month post-treatment, and my back pain has improved greatly. I feel stronger in physical therapy and have decreased inflammation in my entire body. The IV stem cells also help with brain fog, and I have an overall feeling of sharpness and clarity.

Shams (Stem Cell Therapy)

N. Shams

I came to the Stem Cell Medical Center to receive exosomes and stem cells for my face, with the aim of achieving a more youthful appearance. Through extensive research, I have discovered that exosomes and stem cells possess remarkable anti-aging properties, making them extremely popular among celebrities. The combination of these two elements is known to revitalize the skin, making it look more radiant and youthful.

The facility itself is immaculate, and the top doctors from around the world are flown in to ensure a premium experience. The day after the procedure, I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin's texture and radiance, and I didn't even need to use as much moisturizer and primer. In addition, the entire process was virtually painless, with no bruising or downtime, allowing me to continue with my daily activities without any interruption.

In fact, just one day after, I am wearing makeup and planning a beach outing. The results of this treatment continue to develop over time, with improvements continuing months after the procedure. Therefore, I cannot wait to return in six months to show you the remarkable transformation that has taken place and how I look five years younger.

Gilkes (Stem Cell Therapy)

M. Gilkes

I was approaching a significant birthday and felt that I wasn't feeling as perky as I used to. I started wondering if there was anything I could do to feel better. While around the island, I noticed the Stem Cell Medical Center in Antigua and started researching it. I reached out to several doctors and they were very receptive and invited me to tour the facility. I was impressed by their honesty and openness about the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

After doing my homework, I decided to undergo stem cell therapy for overall wellness. Although it didn't turn the clock back tremendously, I felt that it really did perk me up, and an injury I had from 10 years ago stopped hurting me. I haven't regretted getting stem cell therapy at all.

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