July Munoz (Medical Lab)
Scientific Advisor

July Andrea Muñoz Usuga

July Andrea Munoz Usuga Colombian, she professionalizes as a Microbiologist and Bioanalyst from the University of Antioquia Colombia, she has liked participating in research activities and as a student she supported activities of the Program for the Study and Control of Tropical Diseases University of Antioquia PECET, and she worked as young researcher for two years supporting research projects related to the care of patients with Leishmaniasis, diagnosis and filing of clinical histories of the same, she worked in the Clinical Laboratory area for three years, she worked for 6 years in the area of ​​Cell Cultures for evaluation of compounds with Cytotoxic, Leishmanicidal and Trypanocidal activity in vitro and flow cytometric evaluations.

In 2016 he graduated as a Master in Quality Management and Health Audit from the Cooperative University of Colombia, he worked 3 years in the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biofactory of Bioxcellerator in Medellín, and one more year with Professor Neil Vásquez from the National University from Colombia in Medellín in maintenance of endometrial and dog umbilical cord mesenchymal cells, mononuclear cells activated by cytokines and cancer. Currently, he continues in the area of ​​research and maintenance of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells at Stem Cell Medical Center with the desire to continue contributing to the health of patients and the knowledge of cell therapies.

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