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MSC therapy is a revolutionary form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the incredible healing power of the body's own cells to repair and heal damaged tissues. 

Our bodies contain trillions of cells that work together and communicate 24/7/365 to keep us healthy, repair damage in the body, and fight disease - all without us even realizing it’s happening.

However, as we age, our cells age with us and become exhausted, weaker and eventually die. This is when the body starts to break down and can’t protect itself as well - leading to the weakening of our immune system and muscles, decreased mental acuity, inflammation, etc. - what we know as "aging."

Framing the aging process in this way, we can see that aging is actually a disease - something that we can significantly slow down and even reverse.

Stem cells are the building blocks of every organism. They are unspecialized cells that have the ability to renew themselves and develop into a variety of different cell types, including muscle, bone, nerve, and organ cells. 

They contain healing properties that boost the body’s natural repair processes, and have the ability to differentiate into cells that are specific to a particular injury or disease, which can lead to more targeted and effective treatment.

MSC therapy is less invasive than traditional treatments such as surgery and can provide long-term benefits, such as repairing/replacing damaged tissue, promoting healing, and reducing inflammation and pain.

The Stem Cell Medical Center is a joint research and treatment facility actively pioneering new regenerative medicine therapy protocols. They are based on the existing body of scientific knowledge and our own research.


Stem cells are cells that are able to change into different types of more specialized cells to heal or repair damaged tissue. They also play a role in directing the body's regenerative process through complex biochemical signaling. There are several types of stem cells each with unique origins and characterized by their transformation potential.

Totipotent: These cells have the ability to form all the cell types in the body. A zygote or fertilized egg cell is a totipotent stem cell and able to change into any cell.

Pluripotent: These are embryonic stem cells, which can morph into any cell in the body.

Multipotent: These cells are obtained from tissues such as umbilical, placental, adipose (fat), and bone marrow. These cells are able to become cells of mesenchymal tissues such as bone, cartilage, adipose, muscle and

In the Stem Cell Medical Center we only use multipotent stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)

Mesenchymal stem cells are adult stem cells, which come from different tissues of the adult body. MSC's can be harvested from fat, bone marrow, and neo-natal tissues (placenta and umbilical cord). These stem cells are limited to only specific mesenchymal tissue types. This limitation of MSC's in therapy applications lowers the risk of cancer and other adverse reactions. The regenerative power of MSC’s is not by these cells "turning into" tissue, but by triggering a regenerative process in the body. They secrete and trigger the production of growth factors - bioactive molecules and proteins. Some growth factors aid in the repair of damaged tissue and the production of new blood vessels, which increases nutrient flow to cells. Other growth factors will signal neighboring cells to begin division and proliferation. MSC's also play a role in the inter and intra-cellular communication essential to the coordination of tissue repair.

As we age, the quantity and potency of our stem cells diminish greatly. Treatments using autologous (your own) stem cells from older patients (over age 30) are often not as effective as in younger patients. This is a large part of the reason why we use stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly in the umbilical cord, which is rich in MSC's and offers an allogeneic (from another human) option for treatment. These tissues provide safe, viable therapeutic stem cells, which can also be expanded in the lab to offer the most potent stem cell therapy possible.

Research in the field of regenerative medicine is contributing to more effective therapies utilizing stem cells to treat an increasing number of diseases. Our team of physicians and scientists are using this ever-increasing knowledge base to improve our treatment protocols to drive better patient outcomes.

MSC's have extraordinary healing powers and therapeutic potential for various conditions. But research indicates that treatments are more effective when cells are cultured and expanded before being administered to patients, with the number of cells required depending on the treatment goal. At the Stem Cell Medical Center, our medical center and research center are situated within the facility, ensuring high quality and optimal viability of cells during treatment. The final, high-grade stem cells are created using innovative, proven protocols that take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs and our world-class medical staff and facility.

Our protocol for producing high-quality cells for treatment is as follows:

  • We send our experienced medical team to collect donated umbilical cords after thorough screening for donor health. We collect them directly following C-section birth.
  • Cells from the Wharton's jelly of the umbilical cords are screened for stem cell properties indicating high quality and potency.
  • Only cells that meet our meticulous quality standards for potency and viability are purified, cultured and expanded.
  • The culture and expansion process involves specialized, high-quality growth factors, expert culture techniques and specialized equipment to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • We then cryopreserve the final, optimized cells for safe storage and future use.

At the Stem Cell Medical Center we do not settle for anything but the absolute best - facilities, doctors, stem cell quality, protocols, and most importantly, our patients’ outcomes. Our patients travel to Antigua from the U.S. and all over the world because they expect exceptional results.

Stem cell therapies vary significantly when it comes to quality and treatment protocols.

U.S. clinics are not allowed to culture and expand MSC's. So it makes them a less attractive option because they result in significantly less effective outcomes. Even worse is many bad actors have opened stem cell clinics in the U.S., victimizing hopeful patients with promises of cures but using unproven treatments that end up doing more harm than good, both health-wise and financially.

We have pioneered effective stem cell therapies to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. For more information about some of the specific conditions we treat, please select from the list below.

  • ANTI-AGING / LONGEVITY (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • MUSCULOSKELETAL (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • CARDIOVASCULAR (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • ENDOCRINE / METABOLIC (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • AUTO-IMMUNE (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • NEUROLOGICAL (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • SEXUAL WELLNESS (Stem Cell Therapy, Conditions We Treat)


  • OTHER CONDITIONS (Conditions We Treat)


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