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Welcome to our state-of-the-art research center! We are dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative medicine through cutting-edge stem cell research and innovative development. Our research center is a hub of scientific innovation, where we test, culture, and expand our umbilical cord stem cells. Our goal is to develop therapies that have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach patient care. It is also at the forefront of some of the latest advancements in regenerative medicine, anti-aging, longevity and more.

Our team of highly skilled researchers and scientists leverages the latest technology and equipment to conduct in-house research that is designed to enhance patient outcomes, perfect our treatment protocols using patient data, and ultimately provide safer and more effective regenerative medicine therapies. 

Because this is such an important part of our mission, we also have an extended branch of our research center located in the United States called 42Bio. Read more about 42Bio’s achievements and current research below.

42Bio's Unique Platform Technologies

With unique platform technologies that address a broad range of needs, including both scalable cell and biomolecule separation, 42Bio's patent portfolio covers a wide variety of products from skincare, to regenerative and veterinarian medicine, and even magnetic separation. The company's overall mission is to develop technologies to advance research and clinical treatments for human and veterinary health.

Magnetic Separation: Advancements and Applications

Currently, the company is focused on magnetic separation and placental matrix. Magnetic separation can isolate specific cell populations from a heterogeneous mixture of cells, such as immune cells, stem cells, or cancer cells based on surface markers or other characteristics. It is also used for biomarker detection (used in diagnostics, drug discovery, and disease monitoring); drug delivery by nanoparticles; tissue engineering and more.

Placental Matrix: A Promising Regenerative Material

42Bio’s Placental Matrix has the advantage over other perinatal materials in its uniquely potent composition, flowability, and concentration. It has over 2,000 unique proteins, which together create a balance of stimulatory factors, inhibitors, cell signaling molecules, and structural molecules. Together, these represent a spectrum of properties that widely apply to tissue regeneration, healing, and mitigation of infection. 42Bio is developing Placental Matrix with a particular focus on applications in bone regeneration, arthritic disease, wound care, and skin health.

42Bio is led by Dr. Shabnam Namin, PhD, previously the VP of Research and Development for VIVEX Biologics Inc., where she played an integral role in developing and commercializing viable stem cell allografts and amniotic tissue offerings. During her tenure with VIVEX, she successfully launched 14 new products and line extensions. Before that, she spent several years working in many different facets in the tissue engineering realm, focusing on the commercialization of cell and tissue-based products. She has multiple publications and patents for her work on the development of these therapies. She is currently the Chair of the Scientific & Technical Affairs Committee (STAC) for the American Association of Tissue Banks.

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