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Discover how real patients found relief through stem cell therapy. Their powerful stories reveal the immense potential of regenerative medicine to restore health. On this page, you'll read accounts of reduced pain, increased mobility, renewed vitality, and improved quality of life from people just like you. Through customized protocols and ultra-potent stem cells, we helped them recover from injuries, illnesses, and age-related decline when other options failed. Let their journeys inspire you to take the first step and schedule a consultation. Our specialists will evaluate your unique case to see if our treatments are right for you.

Dr. Krasnow received stem cell therapy for post-COVID long haulers symptoms.

David Krasnow - Post-COVID Long Haulers Therapy

Experience transformative regenerative treatments at Antigua's state-of-the-art Stem Cell Medical Center as Dr. David Krasnow, a renowned optometrist with 45 years of experience, shares his remarkable journey of recovery. After surviving a severe COVID infection that led to respiratory and kidney failure, lung scarring, and an inflamed heart, Dr. Krasnow sought stem cell treatment, finding Antigua's Stem Cell Medical Center to be a cut above the rest.

"I sent volumes of lab tests, x-rays, CT scans, heart scans... They thought I was a good candidate for the stem cell treatment," says Dr. Krasnow, impressed by the center's board-certified doctors and top-notch facilities.
During the four-day treatment, consisting of IV infusions and specialized vitamins, Dr. Krasnow experienced no pain or discomfort. "Totally comfortable. Not a problem at all," he shares.

The results were astounding. Within three months, Dr. Krasnow noticed significant improvements: "My glucose... was down ... My breathing had improved... My heart rate now is in the seventies and eighties... My inflammation is at least 90% improved."

Backed by comprehensive lab tests and hard data, Dr. Krasnow confidently recommends the center: "I refer people to the clinic with full confidence because of the amazing changes that I've had."

Experience the life-changing benefits of high-quality stem cells with Antigua's center, where transformation and improved health await.


Nikita Shams - Aesthetic Stem Cell Therapy

"I came to the Stem Cell Medical Center to receive exosomes and stem cells for my face, with the aim of achieving a more youthful appearance. Through extensive research, I have discovered that exosomes and stem cells possess remarkable anti-aging properties, making them extremely popular among celebrities. The combination of these two elements is known to revitalize the skin, making it look more radiant and youthful.

The facility itself is immaculate, and the top doctors from around the world are flown in to ensure a premium experience. The day after the procedure, I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin's texture and radiance, and I didn't even need to use as much moisturizer and primer. In addition, the entire process was virtually painless, with no bruising or downtime, allowing me to continue with my daily activities without any interruption.

In fact, just one day after, I am wearing makeup and planning a beach outing. The results of this treatment continue to develop over time, with improvements continuing months after the procedure. Therefore, I cannot wait to return in six months to show you the remarkable transformation that has taken place and how I look five years younger."


Martha Gilkes - General Wellness Stem Cell Therapy

"I suddenly realized I was coming up on a significant birthday, and I dubbed it the 49th anniversary of my 21st birthday if you get my drift. I was not feeling as perky as I used to and felt this just age creeping up and wondered if there were medically anything I could do that would make me feel perkier and in better shape.

So I actively started researching it and learned what the Stem Cell Medical Center provides and who was involved. So I reached out to several doctors, who were very receptive and open. They invited me to have a tour of the facility. They were so honest and open, saying, "look, it may work, and it may not. We can't promise it will because it works better for some people." I was impressed by that. I went in with my eyes wide open just hoping to feel better. And I have to say it, I feel that it really did perk me up. I haven't regretted it at all.

Also, I did have a prior injury from 10 years ago from a boating accident where the boat lost steering, and I was thrown into a metal upright. My left thigh was badly damaged, and that injury had always been very painful. When I turned over in bed at night or had pressure in that area, it was painful. But now, after treatment, that has gone away. It was like I suddenly realized, a couple of months later, that I wasn't having any pain there."


Michelle Berlin - Back Pain Stem Cell Therapy

"I went to the Stem Cell Medical Center in Antigua to help with the pain and inflammation from my injury and post-surgery. I am one-month post-treatment, and my back pain has improved greatly. In addition, I feel stronger in physical therapy and have decreased inflammation in my entire body. The IV stem cells also help with brain fog, and I have an overall feeling of sharpness and clarity. "


Scott Rohleder - Joint Pain Stem Cell Therapy

"The outcome of my stem cell treatment so greatly exceeded my hopes that I wanted to share my experience with you. I'm an extremely active 59-year-old, but I've been suffering from chronic pain in my right knee for the last year, which was previously surgically repaired for an ACL tear. I also had lower back pain and left hip pain in a hip, which previously had a partial hip replacement. My pain severely impacted my daily life, including the ability to exercise and play golf, a game that I love and play at a fairly high level. It also impacted my mood.

My actual treatment occurred over two days. On the first day, I received an injection of stem cells into my hip and an IV infusion of stem cells. On the second day, it was just an IV infusion. The procedure was relatively painless, and I have to tell you that within three days, I had zero pain in my knee, hip, or back. It truly was amazing, and I mean no pain at all.

I am now exercising without restrictions and hitting the golf ball farther, and straighter as my body no longer compensates for my pain. My patient experience was seamless. The professional staff, the state-of-the-art treatment center, and the top-notch doctors provided me with additional confidence in my treatment decision. The beauty of the island of Antigua and the wonderful resort was icing on top. Again, I'm over two months since my procedure and feel absolutely amazing."


Dapo Ajayai - Knee Injury Stem Cell Therapy

"I've had really good success. I now have a tremendous amount of mobility in my knee. There's little to no pain or swelling. So I know something's gone right. I'm now back to playing basketball three times a week, breaking a full sweat, running, jumping, and having fun. I'm really pleased. For the joint issues I had in my knees, 10 out of 10, I would recommend Stem Cell Medical Center."

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