Stem Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases – Resetting the Immune System

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How Stem Cell Medical Center Resets the Immune System

Stem Cell Medical Center in Antigua provides an innovative stem cell treatment that aims to reset the faulty immune system in patients with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and more. This article explains how our stem cell therapy works to stop the immune system from attacking its own body and induce long-term remission.

What Causes Autoimmunity?

Normally, our body’s defender, the immune system, fights off bad guys like germs and viruses. But sometimes, it gets confused and starts attacking healthy things inside us, leading to swelling and pain. This can happen because of special white blood cells called lymphocytes getting mixed up. Powerful medicines can be used to calm down the immune system, but they only work for a little while. It’s like a tricky battle where keeping our good defender from hurting ourselves is really important for staying healthy.

Researchers seek treatments that durably correct autoaggression by resetting self-tolerance. This means reprogramming lymphocytes so they stop assaulting the body’s own proteins. Stem cell transplants aim to rebuild immune tolerance by replacing attack-prone lymphocytes.

Stem cells generate all blood cell types, including immune cells. Chemotherapy first eliminates most lymphocytes. Stem cells then rebuild the immune system from scratch. Animal studies show new lymphocytes are tolerant, stopping autoattacks.

Chemotherapy has serious risks—infections, organ damage, even death. Autoimmune cells contaminating the stem cell graft cause some relapse.

The Stem Cell Medical Center Approach

Instead of chemotherapy, we harness the power of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found in umbilical cords to treat patients with autoimmune diseases. These remarkable cells act as natural regulators of the immune system, promoting healing without harsh side effects. To date, hundreds have safely received MSCs, and we prioritize ongoing monitoring to ensure both the well-being and effectiveness of treatment for each patient.

Calming the Cytokine Storm

Inside your body, tiny messengers called cytokines alert immune cells to fight threats. But sometimes, they get overzealous, triggering city-wide inflammation that attacks healthy tissues. Enter Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs): the wise negotiators who calm the immune cells and quiet the alarm, helping the body heal and hope blossom.

Here’s how it works:

  • Overactive immune cells pour out inflammatory proteins called cytokines
  • This causes systemic inflammation attacking joints, skin, vital organs
  • MSCs rebalance excessive cytokines, quieting the immune overreaction
  • Patients’ symptoms dramatically improve as inflammation subsides

Autoimmunity also stems from disrupted proportions of lymphocyte types. MSCs reverse inflated populations by attacking their own tissues. Anti-inflammatory regulatory T cells increased, which dampened reactions. The body’s own stem cells, MSCs, reduced the number of B cells that were creating damaging chemicals called autoantibodies.

The crux of autoimmunity is the loss of immune tolerance to the body’s own proteins. Self-reactive helper T cells orchestrate attacks on tissues. MSCs re-educated these cells; they became less reactive to self antigens. Re-established immune tolerance explains patients’ long remission.

Why MSCs Work Where Drugs Don’t

MSCs secrete regenerative proteins lacking in conventional treatments. This heals damaged blood vessels and tissues aggravated by inflammation. MSCs attracted to injury sites further curb local autoimmune attacks. By resolving pathology, MSCs achieve deeper, more sustained responses.

Symptoms like rashes and joint pain were greatly reduced. Only a few patients briefly relapsed before entering remission again after a top-up dose. No significant side effects occurred besides a short-term low fever.

Many clinical trials are rigorously testing umbilical cord MSCs for autoimmunity. An advanced lupus trial showed most patients had fewer symptoms for a year after MSCs. Growing evidence confirms MSCs inhibit multiple autoimmune conditions. MSCs may gain approval if trials conclusively demonstrate patient improvement.

Most patients currently rely on lifelong immunosuppressants with adverse effects. If successful, rebooting immunity with MSCs provides a radically new treatment approach. Short-term MSC infusions could free patients from daily medications. With durable responses, many may potentially stop all other therapies.

Accessing Treatment at Stem Cell Medical Center

Stem Cell Medical Center provides umbilical cord MSC therapy to autoimmune patients from across the globe.

Major conditions treated include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus (SLE)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Type 1 diabetes

We customize treatment plans for each patient’s condition for optimal outcomes. Contact us to discuss your case or self-refer for therapy.