Antibody Treatment Allows for Transplant of Mismatched Stem Cells

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Scientists at Stanford University have developed an antibody treatment that allows for the successful transplantation of mismatched stem cells in mice. The breakthrough could have significant implications for human patients who require stem cell transplants but cannot find a suitable donor match.

Stem cells have the potential to transform into a variety of different cell types, making them an exciting area of research for scientists and medical professionals. However, one of the challenges of stem cell transplants is finding a suitable donor match. In cases where a suitable match cannot be found, the patient’s immune system may attack the transplanted cells, leading to potentially life-threatening complications.

To address this challenge, the researchers developed an antibody treatment that targets a molecule called CD47, which is found on the surface of all cells in the body. CD47 acts as a “don’t eat me” signal, telling the immune system not to attack the cell. By blocking CD47, the researchers were able to reduce the immune response to the transplanted stem cells, allowing them to engraft and grow in the mice.

The researchers tested the approach in mice that had received bone marrow transplants from mismatched donors. They found that the antibody treatment allowed the mice to accept the transplanted cells without experiencing any adverse effects. The mice were also able to produce new blood cells from the transplanted stem cells, indicating that the transplants were successful.

The findings are a promising step forward in the field of stem cell research and transplantation. The ability to transplant mismatched stem cells could significantly increase the number of patients who are able to receive life-saving treatments.

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Stanford Medical News Center: Antibody treatment allows transplant of mismatched stem cells, tissues in mice