Stem Cell Therapy Transforms Doctor’s Health After Severe COVID-19

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Dr. David Krasnow, an optometrist from Beverly Hills, was left debilitated after suffering from a severe case of COVID-19 two years ago. The virus caused him to go into respiratory and kidney failure, leading doctors to expect he would die. He also developed a rare heart inflammation called aortitis that only two others globally had experienced from COVID-19 at that time.

After surviving his harrowing ordeal, Dr. Krasnow was taking 15 medications a day and still suffered from low energy, breathing difficulties, heart problems, and uncontrolled diabetes. He realized he needed an innovative treatment approach and discovered Stem Cell Medical Center in Antigua.

Stem Cell Medical Center provides cutting-edge stem cell therapies to harness the power of the body’s own stem cells to heal and regenerate. The center uses high doses of stem cells sourced from umbilical cord tissue for its treatments. Research has shown stem cell therapy benefits a wide range of conditions, especially autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, orthopedic injuries, COPD, and diabetes. It is also being studied extensively for combatting COVID-19 complications and restoring lung function.

Dr. Krasnow underwent 4 days of intensive IV stem cell infusions, receiving 200 million stem cells in total. He reported the process was comfortable, with friendly staff providing support throughout. After returning home, he progressively saw extraordinary improvements in his health:

  • His lung function restored markedly, with hugely improved breathing capabilities
  • His heart inflammation was reduced by 90%
  • His blood sugar dropped from dangerously uncontrolled diabetic levels to prediabetic levels
  • His energy increased substantially – he no longer needed 12 hours of sleep per day

Dr. Krasnow had access to detailed medical scans and tests before and after treatment that evidenced the stem cells’ efficacy. He feels investing in stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Medical Center gave him his health and his life back after COVID-19 nearly took it away.

For those still suffering the health consequences of COVID-19, he highly recommends considering stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Medical Center. The center’s state-of-the-art facility, expert doctors, high stem cell dosages, and proven results convinced him it was the right choice to finally heal and regain his vitality.

If you or a loved one are suffering ongoing health issues from COVID-19, don’t lose hope. Stem Cell Medical Center has helped patients like Dr. David Krasnow fully regain their health after severe COVID through revolutionary stem cell therapy. Patients have seen incredible results in improved breathing, heart function, energy levels, and more. Contact Stem Cell Medical Center today to learn how their all-inclusive stem cell treatment program can help you finally recover and reclaim your life after COVID.